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[Series:] Avatar: the Last Airbender
[Pairing:] Jet/Azula
[Setting:] AR (alternate reality of sorts), basically Lake Laogai didn't end the same and Jet's still imprisoned same time as Azula during the Book Two finale

[Title:] "Humans Are Predators Too"
[Author:] kyatto
[Rating:] NC-17
[Word Count:] 2,058
[Summary:] Jet and Azula meet in prison together. Azula's surprised she finds him to be rather attractive. Fortunately, he doesn't know she's Fire Nation! (PWP - Written for the Smutfest last fall/winter)
[Warnings:] M/F sex, basically

He almost looked like a real-life depiction of the bronze warrior statues adorning important landmarks of the Fire Nation. Jet’s smirk and emotional eyes were what kept her realizing how very real he was.Collapse )

[Series:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (Ten)/The Master (!Simm) (this part - it's Master/Ten/Jack overall)
[Setting:] AR (alternate reality of sorts), post "Children of Earth" for Torchwood; around "The End of Time" for Doctor Who (but being AR this fic pretty much negates those events ;) )

[Title:] "Distance Kept" [Part Two (of Three)]
[Author:] kyatto
[Rating:] R (NC-17 overall)
[Word Count:] About 3,200
[Summary:] The Doctor has gone out to meet with the Master. However he's found himself completely unprepared for what the other Time Lord has in store for him.
[Warnings:] Spoilers for Torchwood and Doctor Who, M/M frottage

[Part One:] Here

He owed Jack, not the other way around. However, he hardly owed the Master anything. This was nothing more than a power play – and the Master knew it.Collapse )
[Series:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (Ten)/Jack Harkness (this part)
[Setting:] AR (alternate reality of sorts), post "Children of Earth" for Torchwood; around "The End of Time" for Doctor Who (but being AR this fic pretty much negates those events ;) )

[Title:] "Distance Kept" [Part One (of Three)]
[Author:] kyatto
[Rating:] Hard R/NC-17
[Word Count:] About 3,200
[Summary:] The Doctor has Jack as his Companion once more. Finally the Doctor learns exactly why Jack left Torchwood, and the two work on rebuilding their relationship. However, they get a call from someone most unexpected!
[Warnings:] Spoilers for Torchwood and Doctor Who, sex of the M/M and oral variety, Ten pretty much topping

Deep, deep down, beyond where he was a Time Lord and therefore rejected the logic of such a being, the Doctor was happy for that fact. He couldn’t stand being completely alone.Collapse )
[Series:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (Ten)/Jack Harkness
[Setting:] AR (alternate reality of sorts), post "Children of Earth" from Torchwood and just before "The End of Time" in Doctor Who.

[Title:] "Entangled"
[Author:] kyatto
[Rating:] Hard R/NC-17
[Summary:] Jack is picked up for some bonding time as the Doctor is in one of his moods. Deep conversation ensues and Jack finally gets a taste of something he'd been wanting.
[Warnings:] Spoilers, handjobs, Ten kinda-sorta topping much to Jack's dismay

He knew the Doctor was hiding years of experience. Yet despite now receiving a hint of it, it hurt that the Doctor was only willing to give.Collapse )

Fic Archive - AUs and Crossovers

AUs and Crossovers

Based off bnf_brawl:

"But an Incredible Simulation" (Light Yagami/Zuko R)
"Keep Holding On" (Zuko/Ginny PG-NC-17 [the old logs])
"Not So Secret Tunnel" (future!sprog Tai/Aiden PG-13-NC-17)
"The Future is Fire" (Disaster!Zuko Toph/Katara Zuko/Aang PG-13)

Based off wangfire_high:

"Hot Mess" (Jet/Zuko NC-17)
"Guilty Pleasure" (Jet/Zuko NC-17)


Avatar: The Last Airbender/Twilight:

"Daylight" (Edward!Jet/Bella!Zuko PG-13)

Fic Archive - Doctor Who/Torchwood

Doctor Who Fanfiction

G - PG-13:

"Wishmaker" (Eleven/Romana II G)


"Entangled" (Ten/Jack NC-17)
"Distance Kept" (Jack/Ten/Master NC-17)
"Seven Days Until Absolution" (Ten/Master NC-17)

Torchwood Fanfiction

G - PG-13:




Fic Archive - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction

G - PG-13:

"Chained" (Zuko/Aang PG-13)
"Kiss of Death" (Azula/Suki PG-13)
"Polishing Skills" (Zuko/Mai PG-13)
"Possession" (Azula/Zuko PG-13)
"Devil's Advocate" (Azula/Zuko PG-13)
"The Painted Spirit" (Zuko/Katara PG-13 10 chapters)
"Snow" (G)
"Candles" (Zuko/Mai PG)
"Crossroads" (Zuko/Mai PG-13)
"Once the Traitor Always a Traitor" (Azula/Zuko PG-13)
"Obsession" (Jet/Zuko PG-13)
"How to Kiss a Girl" (Zuko/Aang PG-13)
"Just an Ordinary Girl" (Zuko/Katara PG-13 26 chapters)
"Like a Disaster" (Azula/Ty Lee PG-13 5 chapters [WIP])
"Man to Man" (Zuko/Sokka PG-13)


"The Last Night" (Aang/Katara R)
"Dirty Dishes" (Jet/Zuko NC-17)
"Almost Betrayal" (Zuko/Sokka NC-17 3 chapters)
"Fresh Air" (Aang/Katara NC-17)
"Dead End" (Jet/Zuko NC-17 5 chapters [WIP])
"Dirty Little Secret" (Jet/Zuko NC-17)
"Addiction" (Jet/Zuko NC-17)
"Of Pain and Pleasure" (Jet/Zuko NC-17)
"Smooth as Silk" (Jet/Zuko NC-17)
"For His Honor" (Zuko/Aang NC-17)
"Trials" (Zuko/Katara NC-17)
"Royally Screwed" (Ozai/Zuko/Azula NC-17)
"Dual Weapons" (Zuko/Mai NC-17)
"Imprisoned" (Jet/Zuko NC-17)
"Inside of You" (Jet/Zuko NC-17)
"Healing Touch" (Zuko/Mai NC-17)
"Girls' Night In" (Azula/Mai/Ty Lee NC-17)
"Secret" (Hakoda/Ozai NC-17)
"Of Fans and Knives" (Mai/Suki NC-17)
"Humans Are Predators Too" (Jet/Azula NC-17)

Fic Archive - Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket Fanfiction

G - PG-13:



"To Anger A God" (Akito/Tohru R)

Fic Archive - Gravitation

Gravitation Fanfiction

G - PG-13:

"In The Hall" (Shuichi/Hiro PG-13)



Fic Archive - FullMetal Alchemist

FullMetal Alchemist Fanfiction

G - PG-13:

"Childhood Memory" ( Edward/Winry G)
"Light My Candle" (Roy/Riza PG)
"Brother Mine" (PG-13)


"A Sweet Sensation" (Roy/Riza NC-17)
"I Hate Him" (Roy/Edward NC-17)
"Iserlohnn" Part I // "Iserlohnn" Part II (Roy/Ed, Ed/OC, Roy/OC, Al/OC, Envy/OC (multi-chapter) NC-17 for a couple of Adult chapters)