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FIC - [Doctor Who] - Eleven/Simm!Master - "I Rather Love the Tweed This Time" (FIN)

[Title:] "I Rather Love the Tweed This Time" Part 2 (FINISHED!)
[Written by:] kyatto
[Written for:] dontdisthesonic
[Fandom:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (11)/The Master (!Simm)
[Rating:] Very hard R - borderline NC-17
[Notes/Warnings:] Crack AU. There's m/m consensual sex, and conversational references to m/f/m as well.
[Part One:] HERE

I Rather Love the Tweed This Time (Part II)

Impatient as ever, the Master stormed into the Doctor's bedroom without proper invitation. "Alright, I gave you sixty seconds. I trust you kept to your-…"

"Oh? Do you like it?" The Doctor grinned, looking rather cat-like. He was splayed across a rather large bed. His outfit had been replaced by some sort of feminine Arabian harem getup - though he still kept the bowtie. And a fez. The Master was starting to miss the tweed already.

The Master opened his mouth to say something but closed it hurriedly, folding his arms across his chest. He gave the Doctor a Look. One that was thin-lipped, with his eyes narrowed and a brow arched.

"You're speechless! Very good. I found this in the wardrobe. Can't remember exactly who left it here, might have been Leela - or maybe even Romana - you know Romana don't you? She was quite something. Anyway, it's been hanging around all these years and I considered loaning it to Amy while she was on her honeymoon with Rory. Would go quite well with his Roman warrior outfit but she claimed this shade of red isn't her color. Oh, gingers. Anyway, I thought I might as well-"

"Shut up," the Master snapped, lunging at the bed like a panther towards its prey. "You looked better in what you had before."

"I kept the bowtie!" The Doctor replied indignantly, tilting his head up to expose his neck, thus proving his statement. "And I found another fez to go with it. Fezzes are cool."

"No, no they are not," the Master sighed, shaking his head. "You wouldn't know cool if it bit you on the nose."

"When was the last time you washed that hoodie?" The Doctor frowned, wrinkling his nose.

"That is very much not the point," the Master growled, crawling up the Doctor's body until he was properly straddling him. He hooked two fingers under the red silk covering the Doctor's chest and tugged on it. "You're aware this is supposed to be for a woman, right?"

"I know," the Doctor wiggled impatiently. "It's why I was going to loan it to Amy."

"Do you keep the clothes from all the silly Earth girls you travel with?"

"Only what they leave behind," the Doctor shrugged one shoulder sheepishly. "What? Do you think I'm some sort of pervert?"

"I'm not the one keeping ladies' things aboard my TARDIS," the Master replied airily, giving the fabric one final tug until it snapped free.

"You don't even have a TARDIS anymore," the Doctor rolled his eyes. Though he did shiver a bit as his chest was bared.

"I said 'shut up' and I meant shut up," the Master quipped sharply, and then he lunged down to trail bites across the Doctor's chest and tongue at a nipple.

"Master," the Doctor whined. If he thought this man's previous self said his name deliciously, well this newer, younger form, managed to sound even more enticing.

The Master pulled away long enough to grin at him. He smoothed away his fringe so he could properly meet those deep, green eyes. And of course, with a handful of hair he couldn't help but tug his head back. Just enough to establish just who was running the show here. "That's right, Doctor. I'm glad you still know your place. Was about to worry that you'd have gotten a little cocky in your old age."

"Oh, I'm plenty 'cocky'," the Doctor squeaked. "My ego knows no bounds and I'm very proud of that fact, I'll have you know. But. I'm not having sex with myself."

"No," the Master agreed, then took a moment to take the Doctor's lip between his teeth. That sharp little noise there was delicious as well. "No, you're not. If you were that bottle of lotion over there would probably be in use. On say…this?" He slid a hand down to grab the Doctor's right hand and squeezed the palm. "Or maybe…this?" The hand traveled down to grope between his legs. "But no, you're having sex with me. Which is far superior."

"Yes," the Doctor nodded hurriedly. Or the best he could with the Master's hand holding his head back. "Much better. Remind me to drop that lotion off the next place we stop. I don't think I'll need it anymore."

"Oh, no, that would be very selfish of me," the Master smirked, continuing to rub the growing bulge between the Doctor's thighs. "I'd hate for you to be completely miserable in my absence."

"You did not just read my mind!" the Doctor squawked, appalled.

"Don't be daft," the Master chuckled. "Any idiot who knows you would easily be able to figure out what you think about. With the dozens of Earth girls, you have one of the biggest beards."

"No, you did," the Doctor grinned cheekily in an almost sing-song voice. "And a wife."

"My bodies always looked good with a little bit of well trimmed facial hair," the Master pursed his lips. "Much more dignified. You have some sort of complex because it seems you look younger and younger every time I see you. I was almost afraid you'd get the curls again this time around. But I must say, this almost adolescent look is rather nice on you."

"I am every bit over nine-hundred years old," the Doctor snapped.

"Yet you look about twenty. Maybe." The Master chuckled again, then leaned in to bite his neck. "It's good."

"Master," the Doctor groaned, arching his back. The skimpy little bottom needed to be taken off. Now.

And of course, the Master was not about to disagree with that notion. His hand left the rather lovely place of the Doctor's crotch to quickly work the ties holding the bottom in place. He bit back a laugh as the Doctor wiggled his hips, causing the little bells sewn to the belt to jingle as it fell off and pooled behind him. Grinning down at the Doctor, he let go of his hair in order to smack that ridiculous fez off his head.

"I thought it looked lovely," the Doctor pouted. "Now, kindly go back to rubbing me. That was nice."

"In due time," the Master rolled his eyes and leaned over to paw at the bedside table. He knocked aside the bottle of lotion and started digging through the drawer. "I know it's still in here, come on now, oh… good TARDIS. Very good."

"If you are going to start that then at least get more. Well. Naked." The Doctor frowned up at him. "Here I am, all in the buff- just about. I'm not about to let you shag me without at least taking some of that off. I'd quite like to see you. It's been awhile."

"It has, you're right," the Master sighed with mock exasperation. "Oh, fine."

The Doctor looked up in wide-eyed wonder as the Master held the tiny vial of lubricant with his teeth and took off both his hoodie and shirt at the same time with quick, fluid, almost graceful movements of his arms and torso. He watched as the Master ruffled his hair and dropped the vial back into his own palm. The Master looked down at him with a lewd smirk and slowly rolled his hips, grinding down against the very aroused Doctor.

"Mmh, Master," the Doctor murmured as he sat up enough to press kisses to his stomach. He ran his tongue up to center of his chest which was followed by even more kisses and lovebites. One hand braced himself on the bed while the other came up to grip at the Master's side. "Don't change for a while. Please."

"Since you pleaded so nicely," the Master scoffed and looked at him with an almost endeared expression. "I might stay like this a while longer. For you. If only because it makes you so pliant, so quickly."

"Good," the Doctor breathed, the Master started running his fingers through his hair. "They'll be on their honeymoon for a while."

The Master was able to quickly decipher what that meant. He grabbed a handful of the Doctor's hair and tugged his head back, subsequently being able to push him and pin him against the bed. This gave him the opening he needed to dab lubricant on his fingers and work a couple into his entrance. "Might stick around a while, then. Since you were so eager for us to travel the stars together before. Tell me, Doctor, would it still be your honor?" Yes, the Master was mocking him while he was being fingered.

"I don't know - was a different man then," that was difficult to get out amongst the Doctor's aroused whimpers. Why yes, the Master could work his fingers just like that throughout all his lives and that would be just superb. "But I can tell you if it'll be rather like this then yes, it would be that and a whole lot more."

"Very good," the Master breathed, sliding his fingers out once he figured the Doctor was loose enough. "Now, tell me, Doctor. Your last body was rather fond of me. Rather liked being thrown around. Quite fond of begging and being handled. Bit of a masochist, actually. What about this one?" He leaned in close so his breath was hot against the Doctor's ear as he roughly tugged his head back. "Does it like it hard? And rough?"

"N-no idea," the Doctor swallowed. "But you're more than welcome to find out."

"Hm, I think I will," the Master nodded after pretending to consider this. "Alright, then. Legs up."

The Doctor complied eagerly, lifting his legs so the Master could shift closer and drape them over his shoulders. Quickly he lubricated himself and pushed inside the other Time Lord with a pleased groan. "Oh, excellent," he purred. "This one's even tighter."

"Guess Amy was onto something when she called me a 'tight-arse'…" the Doctor murmured under his breath. But it was said in an affectionate matter, an attempt at 'dirty-talk'.

"Remind me to meet her, she sounds rather intuitive," the Master smirked then angled himself so he hit that one spot that quite possibly made the Doctor see the Time Vortex. "Now then, shut up."

They had only just started a rather hurried, rough rhythm that had the headboard slamming and the nearby furniture rattling when the door opened. The two paused like deer trapped in headlights.

"Doctor, it's not a wise idea to leave your TARDIS parked outside a pub during a riot, I had to- oh, hello," River stepped into the room and gave a rather pleased smile when she spotted the Master. "Have we met yet?"

The Master looked very confused. Angry. And confused. River was quick to take that as a no.

"Well, because I recognize this face I suppose we will meet in due time, anyway," she turned back to the Doctor. "Sweetie, I know you two have your… 'connection'," yes, she used airquotes. "But you really should invest in some sort of sign for your door. Be glad it's me and not either Amy or Rory. I already know what to expect when I find your door closed." Oh yes, she was smirking.

"Do you mind?" The Master snapped.

"Oh I most certainly do," River purred. "I know we aren't supposed to have our threesome until after you help us stop the Daleks from destroying 42nd-century Earth, but…"

She undid her coat then and let it drop to the ground. Underneath she was in nothing more than a low cut, lace babydoll dress. It gave reason behind her very sly grin.

"I suppose we could do a trial run now!"

The Doctor looked very, very pleased by this. And of course, the Master looked horrified. Now he really was missing the tweed.


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