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FIC - [Doctor Who] - Eleven/Simm!Master - "I Rather Love the Tweed This Time"

[Title:] "I Rather Love the Tweed This Time" Part 1
[Written by:] kyatto
[Written for:] dontdisthesonic
[Fandom:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (11)/The Master (!Simm)
[Rating:] R...for now
[Notes/Warnings:] It's crack. It's slash. There's sexy stuff. It's a complete AU! Have fun with it.

'I Rather Love the Tweed This Time'

If there was one thing the Doctor just couldn't seem to get, it was that very few of his enemies ever truly stayed defeated. Or dead, for that matter. The Daleks, the Cybermen, the bloody Autons - all of them. They just kept coming back like alien sodding cockroaches. He thought he could at least hope that another Time Lord would stay dead, given, well, he watched him die. However, it seemed he had no such luck. Poor boy.

To make matters worse, it was still the same Master. Only a tad bit more scruffy, but he still had the face of the former Prime Minister. True, aside from when he was younger in his first body, this was the most attractive he had been in years - but still. Though the Doctor had to admit, he rather liked the blond. It was a lovely blond. Even if it was bleach-dye or a failure during his resurrection, it worked. And of course, his voice was still enough to stop the Doctor dead in his tracks.



"Come on think - just for one second - I promise you - Just, listen to me!" The Doctor stuttered, panicked, as the Master chased him back into his own TARDIS. For some reason he found himself pinned against the console.

"Oh, yeah, still like to talk, do you?" The Master grinned. There was quite a bit of shark in there. It was almost frightening. "My dear Doctor."

"Of course I still like to talk, why wouldn't I like to talk? I see you still love the talking, why shouldn't I?" Yes, the Doctor was babbling like a maniac. He couldn't help it.

"I happen to think my voice is nice, yeah. Very authoritative. And, unless I'm imagining things, so do you," the Master had wedged a knee between the Doctor's legs. For some reason, the Doctor saw it fit to rub himself needly against the intrusion.

"It's good, isn't it?" The Master chuckled lewdly, leaning in to brush aside the Doctor's obnoxious new fringe to lick at his ear. "Second body I've sen you in after I've been brought back, but you're still as impatient, and obsessive - as needy as ever." He hummed then, scraping his teeth against his earlobe. "Oh, don't think I'm complaining! I rather like this one too. Still pretty lean, much more compact. Oh, yes, I could rather get used to this I might think…"

"I…" The Doctor's voice cracked. Why did it have to do that? Stupid. "I don't know what you're talking about, Master."

"Oh, gold star for you for remembering my name!" The Master crowed with wicked delight, pressing his knee more firmly to the Doctor's groin."Very good, Doctor. If you continue to behave, you just might be rewarded."

"Master," the Doctor groaned, unable to help but to arch into the touch. "Master, I'm not the same man as before. I'm not - I don't -"

"Oh, I know you're not. You seem to favor tweed and bowties of all things - utterly ridiculous, I'd say you might be regressing some. However, I'm not either." The teasing tone went solemn as he leaned in close so both their foreheads met.

"I…" The Doctor sucked in a panicked breath, then relaxed. He was still startled. "I don't hear anything, Master. Not anymore. I'm sorry."

"You weren't supposed to," the Master grinned. A little bit more maniacal than he wanted to, but this happened to be the most splendid of developments. "They're gone."

"Are they really?" The Doctor gasped, able to meet his level of delight. "Oh, that's great. I mean it. I truly do. That, is, by far, the most wonderful thing I have heard all day. We ought to celebrate! Let's go out and- MMPH!"

Before the Doctor could finish his statement, the Master captured his lips in a vicious, possessive kiss. It was full of hot breath, tongue, and teeth. One hand ran through the Doctor's soft, floppy hair, the other clung onto his slim, young hip. The Doctor couldn't help but moan in his mouth as he started to return the kiss with fervor. He had almost forgotten what it was like to be kissed by this man - this Time Lord. So much more passion. It was absolutely glorious.

"I know of a better way to celebrate," the Master smirked. "But it involves you getting out of that utterly ridiculous getup and find us a nice secured bedroom. One with a big bed, down-feathered pillows, and lots of silk. Think you can encourage your TARDIS to whip up a special treat for the occasion?"

"I-I'll see what I can do," the Doctor stuttered a little, blushing, and clearly flustered.

The Master got in one last good bite and suckle of the hollow of the Doctor's throat before backing off. It left the either Time Lord breathless, panting, and still arching for more. Instead the Master none too gently grabbed him and pushed him down the corridor.

"If I don't hear back from you in three minutes, I'm piloting this worthless contraption without you! Have fun!"

"Give me sixty seconds!" The Doctor challenged. And then he was off.


To be continued...

Part Two is HERE!
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