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FIC - [Doctor Who] - Jack/Ten/Simm!Master - "Distance Kept" (Part Three)

[Series:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Master (!Simm)/ The Doctor (10)/Jack Harkness
[Setting:] AR (alternate reality of sorts), post "Children of Earth" for Torchwood; around "The End of Time" for Doctor Who (but being AR this fic pretty much negates those events ;) )

[Title:] "Distance Kept" (Part Three/ COMPLETE)
[Author:] kyatto
[Rating:] NC-17
[Word Count:] About 2,200
[Summary:] The Doctor brings the Master back to the room, and Jack discovers what it's like to experience coitus with a couple of Time Lords.
[Warnings:] Spoilers for Torchwood and Doctor Who, Threesome, Penetration, Oral sex, mild foul language

[Part One:] Here
[Part Two:] Here

Distance Kept
Part Three


Jack reacted with mild surprise when he heard the door to the room unlock. He picked his head up, ears perked at the apparent sound of two voices. What? The Doctor brought the Master back here? What the hell was he thinking? Sure enough, the door was pushed open and both Time Lords fell in, entangled in a heated kiss. Of course Jack couldn’t help but bristle at this. Sure, the Doctor had no trouble being all over the enemy but not him. Not that he was jealous or anything, far from it. More like highly perturbed that someone who made their lives miserable for over a year was more worthy of being touched like that than he was. It just didn’t make sense.

Even more perturbing still, was the fact neither the Doctor nor the Master seemed to notice Jack was there. He scooted back towards the headboard and watched as the Doctor fell back across the bed with the Master on top. The Master was certainly looking scruffy these days, and was his hair really that blond the last he saw him? Jack was half tempted to admit he found the Time Lord handsome. Certainly not as attractive as the Doctor, but he was up there – but why the hell was he even daring to think this? This was the Master. The man who would take thrill in killing him soon as look at him. Naturally he was going to be more than a little hesitant with approaching the man.

It didn’t take long for the Doctor to shed his trench coat, and as they kissed the Master pawed through his pockets to discard anything that might get in the way. Jack was quick to catch the sonic screwdriver as it flew by and managed to save it before it crashed into the wall. He had to admit there was something so undeniably sexy about the way both of the Time Lords seemed to come undone when together so intimately. It wasn’t until the Master pulled back to trail lovebites down his neck that the Doctor remembered Jack was still there. His eyes were wide, hair mussed, face flushed, and his lips puffy and bruised. The Doctor looked absolutely delicious and he really had to give the Master a lot of credit for being the cause of such a rare delicacy. A little bit of saliva clung to the corner of his mouth, and Jack reached out to wipe it away with a fingertip. There was an almost apologetic look in the Time Lord’s eyes as he peered up at Jack, threading his fingers in the Master’s hair as he attacked his throat with his lips, tongue, and teeth.

If Jack wasn’t still half-hard before, he definitely was now. His gaze remained fixated on the Doctor, and the way he squirmed, shuddered, and gasped at the hand of the Master’s skilled ministrations. When they were together, the Doctor was always so steeled and guarded. If it weren’t for the occasional compliment or warm breath against his skin, he would almost think the Doctor didn’t enjoy it at all. Despite the fact he was well aware the Doctor was like that to remain control of the situation, he still wished the Doctor would let loose even just a little. The way the Doctor looked right now was exactly what he had been wanting all along. Few things were sexier to him than the man writhing, all flushed and aroused, his neck covered in bruises. He didn’t realize he was staring until the Master caught his attention, his bark snapping him back to reality.

“So he was right – you are the current pet,” the Master said coldly, as he sat upright on the bed and glared daggers at the other man. “Charming.”

“I’d like to think of it more so as his ‘partner’,” Jack retorted with a glare of his own. “In every way.”

“Oh, would you just stop?” The Doctor groaned, as he too sat up, albeit a lot more carefully. “I didn’t bring you up here so you two could have a row like a couple of rabid junkyard dogs.”

“Then what did you bring him up here for?” Jack queried in a low tone. “Doctor.”

“Were you blind the last several minutes?” the Master scoffed, rolling his eyes.

Enough,” the Doctor emphasized, rubbing at his temples. If they were going to bicker it was going to kill his mood.

“Alright, Harkness,” the Master said his name with a certain bite to it. “Since you’re the biggest freak, I’ll let you be the one to take him. I doubt this uptight bastard has ever let you before anyway.” He accentuated that by grabbing the Doctor roughly by the hair and he licked up along his jaw.

“I beg your pardon,” the Doctor squawked, sounding most indignant.

“He’s right, though,” Jack pointed out with a grin wide enough to rival that of the Cheshire Cat. He crawled over to the Doctor and groped his hip. “You’ve yet to give me that pleasure. What do you say?”

“Take it, Doctor,” the Master growled, scraping his teeth against his earlobe as he ran a hand down along his thigh. “You know you want to. Besides, I’ve got a plan for that mouth of yours.” His voice was low and it sent shivers down the Doctor’s spine.

Face flushed, the Doctor looked at the Master intently then at Jack, before taking Jack’s hand and bringing it down to his own hardness. “Go ahead, Jack.” It took a good swallow to get those words out, and his tone was soft and breathless.

The Master smirked and set to work tearing the Doctor’s suit off his body. Jack was quick to join in and in mere minutes the Time Lord was stripped bare. Jack marveled at the sight of his smooth, almost lithe, and very thin frame. No wonder Donna was so keen to make fun of him. He was as lanky as they get. The Master also looked at him with an expression of surprise and approval. For some reason, it eased Jack a little to know that the Doctor really didn’t expose himself to anyone. The Doctor flipped over onto his knees and the Master slid off the bed onto the floor to get level with him as their mouths collided in a heated, sloppy kiss. Jack reached into the drawer of the table beside the bed to pull out a small tube of lubricant. He ran a hand along the Doctor’s taut rear end, groping at the supple flesh while he kissed and nipped at his shoulder. The Doctor could hear Jack undo his fly and the tube being popped open. He let out an aroused hiss as Jack got his fingers slicked and pushed a couple into his entrance. The Master bit at his lip and took his moans into his mouth as Jack prepared him. The other Time Lord finally pulled back and stood up, flashing a feral grin at Jack to show he approved.

“How does he feel, Freak?” the Master chuckled, running his fingers through the mess of the Doctor’s hair. “Nice and tight, right? I figured he was in the need of a good, hard, fuck.”

The Doctor let out a gasp, his face bright red. He gave the Master a look bit didn’t dare disagree with him. Lest he find a way to get Jack to stop his talented hand. No, he wasn’t about to do that. He was achingly hard now, beads of precome dribbling off the tip of his cock. A low whine of aroused need escaped him when Jack removed his fingers. He looked up at the Master again, who in return arched his brow and let him go to undo the fastenings to his trousers. Before he was allowed even another moment to wonder what Jack was about to do, he was met with the tip of the Master’s erection pressed to his lips.

“You’re rather good at talking,” the Master growled lewdly, using his free hand to grab the Doctor by the hair again. “What else can that mouth of yours do?”

Groaning softly, the Doctor winced as his hair was pulled again but he opened his mouth obligingly to accommodate his length. Just as he did so, he felt pressure against his entrance as Jack slowly pushed in his lube-slicked cock. He could hear the human’s rapid heartbeat, and every low groan and sharp breath. It only served to excite him further. The Master hissed his approval through gritted teeth as the Doctor moaned around his erection. Much like he had with Jack, the Doctor took him deep in his mouth. His head bobbed up and down in rhythm and he applied just the right pressure with his lips, tongue, and teeth.

Jack reached around to wrap his hand around the Doctor’s straining erection. It slicked with his precome, and he started stroking it once he began slowly pulling out and snapping his hips. With each slow, careful thrust he drove his cock in deeper. Up until the point where the Doctor got used to the pressure and his tightness allowed him a quicker, rougher pace. The Master watched this through a lidded gaze, torn between the lovely sight of his cock being driven into the Doctor’s hot, wet mouth and Jack grinding into his ass. He looked up and with no hesitation he roughly grabbed Jack by the hair and pulled him into a vicious, biting kiss. The two men groaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues tangled, their teeth clicked, both of them relishing the feel of the Doctor so tight and so hot around them.

The Doctor was the first to hit his peak. Between the feel of Jack inside him, knowing just the right spots to hit, and his hand skillfully working his cock in rhythm he came hard. The low moan that rumbled from him around the erection in his mouth was enough to push the Master over the edge minutes later. He gave a few last deep thrusts into the Doctor’s mouth, until he too came. The Doctor kept his erection in his mouth and swallowed as much as he could as it washed down his throat. The Master pulled out slowly, grinning like a devil at the sight of his own come leaking out onto the Doctor’s lips and chin. He climbed to the bed behind Jack and murmured wicked things into his ear, between biting and licking at his earlobe. Between that and the moans and gasps he could finally hear come from the Doctor, Jack had reached his breaking point. His nails dug into the Time Lord’s hips as he came, and he slammed his cock in hard.

He panted heatedly as he stilled, then he felt the Doctor begin to settle. After a minute or two he pulled out and idly wiped away the leaked come with a couple of fingers. Jack looked down at the Doctor, collapsed and utterly spent on the bed. The Master grabbed his hair roughly and jerked his head for no real reason other than he knew it hurt and sidled over to flip the Doctor. He pulled the Doctor upright and wiped the come off his stomach to taste. Jack eagerly took it when he was offered a lick as well. The Doctor sat there, panting softly, his face flushed and his lips swollen from all the kissing and fellatio he had performed that evening. The Master kissed down along his jaw and bit at his neck, adding to the already decent collection of bruises that were forming. Jack was a bit gentler, kissing his cheekbone and sucked on his earlobe. Between the vastly different styles of his two lovers, the Doctor found himself content. The fear of his imminent fate, the prophecy, subdued.

“I don’t suppose you’d want a couple quick trips first before I dropped you somewhere,” the Doctor finally said softly, of course referring to the Master.

“Don’t tell me he’s coming with us,” Jack groaned, frowning.

“Hm…” the Master pretended to give this considerable thought. “Would every night be like this?”

“Only if you’d like it to be,” the Doctor replied with a smirk and a shrug.

“…Fine,” the Master nodded, pursing his lips. “I suppose I could stay for a trip or two.”

“Then you’re gone!” Jack quipped sharply.

“Long gone!” the Master agreed. “I don’t want to get too tainted by the freak.”

“That’s enough you two,” the Doctor sighed, maneuvering so he could lie back against the headboard. “I swear, you lot are complete and total opposites. Blimey.”

“….But you like us,” Jack murmured, sidling up beside him then cast a furtive glance at the other Time Lord. “Some of us. Right?”

“Of course,” the Doctor nodded, and shifted just enough so the Master could press up against his other side. “I reckon these last days are going to be rather grand.”

“We’ve got a lot to do,” the Master snickered, implying a very many things.

The Doctor chuckled at that, and then grinned. “Allons-y.



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