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kyatto's fanworks, both archived and new are posted here. Please friend if you want to check for updates!



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Fruits Basket
Avatar: the Last Airbender
Doctor Who/Torchwood
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I claim no ownership of the characters or the original source materials involved in my written works. All things posted here are entirely fan-made and not for profit. All materials used belong to their respective creators and companies.
[Title:] "Royally Screwed"
[Author(s):] kyatto & ebiltoblerone
[Rating:] NC-17
[Pairings:] Ozai/Zuko, Ozai/Azula, Ozai/Azula/Zuko
[Warning:] Hard-core porn, Incest, Non-con, Dub-con, Slash, Kinks, etc. (This story is not for the feint of heart and mind.)
[Word Count:] 14,438
[Disclaimer:] We own nothing in Avatar and make no money from writing this.
[Summary:] The Fire Lord has won, using the power of Sozen's comet to win the war. Afterwards, he has decided to honor his children. One to be rewarded...The other punished.

A fic I co-wrote back 2007 that I thought disappeared off the internet forever (a looooot of adult fanfic sites deleted it, even ones with way more screwed up stuff!). It's still up somewhere! (Just join the community to see it) Part 1 & Part 2
[Series:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (11) / The Master (AU based on the appearance of Alex Pettyfer)
[Setting:] AR/AU - post 'The Wedding of River Song' but before the future Christmas Special

[Title:] "They Get Younger and Stronger"
[Author:] kyatto
[Rating:] R
[Word Count:] 2,724
[Summary:] The Doctor finds himself feeling suddenly lost and damaged, with no idea and no recollection as to what may have happened. The last thing he expected to encounter after this would be a newly regenerated Master. Since when was the Master willing to help?
[Notes:] Written for a prompt on eleventy_kink. Hope you enjoy it, Anon! ♥

It wasn’t long until he figured out why. Through the noise of the crowd he was able to pick up a very distinct sound - a TARDIS. A living, working TARDIS. Of all things improbable, that was on top of the list. It’s a wonder no one else noticed. Perhaps he had gone a bit senile in his old age? He was about to go back to his drink when he caught whiff of a particular scent. It was very, very familiar. The Doctor took a few quick whiffs of the air before turning in his seat. Not too far a way he saw the impossible thing - a Time Lord standing right before him. There was no mistaking the smell or psychic presence. Collapse )
[Title:] "I Rather Love the Tweed This Time" Part 2 (FINISHED!)
[Written by:] kyatto
[Written for:] dontdisthesonic
[Fandom:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (11)/The Master (!Simm)
[Rating:] Very hard R - borderline NC-17
[Notes/Warnings:] Crack AU. There's m/m consensual sex, and conversational references to m/f/m as well.
[Part One:] HERE

The Master pulled away long enough to grin at him. He smoothed away his fringe so he could properly meet those deep, green eyes. And of course, with a handful of hair he couldn't help but tug his head back. Just enough to establish just who was running the show here.Collapse )
[Title:] "I Rather Love the Tweed This Time" Part 1
[Written by:] kyatto
[Written for:] dontdisthesonic
[Fandom:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (11)/The Master (!Simm)
[Rating:] R...for now
[Notes/Warnings:] It's crack. It's slash. There's sexy stuff. It's a complete AU! Have fun with it.

Though the Doctor had to admit, he rather *liked* the blond. It was a lovely blond. Even if it was bleach-dye or a failure during his resurrection, it *worked*.Collapse )

To be continued...

Part Two is HERE!
This one also doesn't get a special header because of how cracky it is.

[Title"] "How Sophomoric of Them"
[Author:] kyatto
[Fandom:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] the Doctor (10)/the Master (!Simm)
[Rating:] PG-13
[Word Count:] 866
[Warnings:] pure crack, implied fetishization, the Doctor in drag (because David Tennant looks amazing in a dress, come on), general silliness
[Summary:] The Master wants to humiliate the Doctor so he puts him in drag. But the Doctor won't take this nonsense lying down.

You are ridiculous.Collapse )

There is a somewhat-related doodle!illustration. I have no regrets.
This one doesn't get my usual special header because it's pure crack.

[Title:] "It Was A Special Travel Lodge"
[Author:] kyatto
[Fandom: Doctor Who
[Pairing:] Doctor/Master (Simm/Ten)
[Rating:] R
[Warnings:] vague sex, and a lot of swearing. Also pure crack
[Summary:] The Master has the Doctor and takes him to a Travel Lodge to get it on. Because he doesn't have a TARDIS anymore. But that's okay because the Doctor is sexy.

Things were getting hot and heavy. Clothes were flying off in a million directions...Collapse )
[Series:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (10) / The Master (!Simm)
[Setting:] AR/AU - Set after an alternate ending to "The Last of the Time Lords" (Where the Master isn't killed and the Doctor keeps him instead.)

[Title:] "Seven Days Until Absolution"
[Author:] kyatto
[Rating:] NC-17
[Word Count:] About 7,600 (well worth it!)
[Summary:] The Master finds out the real reason why the Doctor wanted to keep him on the TARDIS. And what the Doctor wants, what he needs, only the Master can give.
[Notes:] My first Doctor/Master exclusive fic! Feedback is most appreciated!

[Warnings:] Slash, instances of BDSM, abuse, heat-play, pleasure from pain, extreme violence, adult language

He won’t ever settle until he feels cleansed of his metaphorical sins. And who better to do it than his own personal savior – his lord and Master? No one.Collapse )
[Series:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Master (!Simm)/ The Doctor (10)/Jack Harkness
[Setting:] AR (alternate reality of sorts), post "Children of Earth" for Torchwood; around "The End of Time" for Doctor Who (but being AR this fic pretty much negates those events ;) )

[Title:] "Distance Kept" (Part Three/ COMPLETE)
[Author:] kyatto
[Rating:] NC-17
[Word Count:] About 2,200
[Summary:] The Doctor brings the Master back to the room, and Jack discovers what it's like to experience coitus with a couple of Time Lords.
[Warnings:] Spoilers for Torchwood and Doctor Who, Threesome, Penetration, Oral sex, mild foul language

[Part One:] Here
[Part Two:] Here

His gaze remained fixated on the Doctor, and the way he squirmed, shuddered, and gasped at the hand of the Master’s skilled ministrations.Collapse )
[Series:] Doctor Who
[Pairing:] The Doctor (Eleven)/Romana (II)
[Setting:] AR (alternate reality), set at a random early interval in Series Five

[Title:] "Wishmaker"
[Author:] kyatto
[Rating:] G
[Summary:] It's a very distant future on one of the various leisure planets in the universe. The Doctor and Amy investigate the Wishmaker - a machine that lets you live with what you want the most. However the Doctor is surprised by what it reveals to him... Romana.
[Warnings:] Spoilers if you haven't seen any of Series Five yet

He couldn’t help but wonder why it chose her. Out of all his traveling companions, surely it would have considered Rose, Grace, even Sarah Jane or Donna. Did it tie in his desire for his home world to have survived along with what he thought of her?Collapse )


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